Essential Tools for Poker Bot Profits


Can you really make money at online poker? A question I’ve pondered and researched for the past 4 years! My quest for the elusive poker bot has taken many dead ends but I am finally seeing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Most of the rubbish course is most of the poker bots available. The only person they will make is money for the supplier! But I haven’t given up, believing that as with chess poker is a game wherein a level of software can be built to beat the most human players 예스카지노.


Finding players from a weak level – or ‘fish’ as ​​they are affectionately known – is fairly easy thanks to software that tracks their play and can guide you to them. It’s just then a matter of playing the game ‘correctly’ – that is, playing the odds. This is where a decent poker bot can help!


The rake is the enemy of a poker player routine – this is the poker room takes the cut of each pot. Again, there are ways round this and by signing up for a service you can keep the edge.

Finally of course, the poker bot itself. Technology is advancing rapidly and there are bots out there now which can be held at the lower limit tables where the fish swim.

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